Wind-Pro © Sidewalk Sign Outdoor Display


Available on backorder

These black sidewalk sign frames are a great addition to any outdoor signage display.

Available on backorder

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  • Consists of 2 main components, the frame and the base
  • Easy to load snap frames on both sides with no sharp edges
  • Double Spring connectors ensure posters remain stable in windy conditions


Restaurants and retail stores will easily be able to display specials and sales in these double sided poster holders. These sidewalk sign frames that are portable are easy to take in and out of businesses with (2) portable wheels. For piece of mind, we recommend printing your posters onto film or have the paper laminated for a true, water-resistant presentation. The cap on the base is easy to unscrew and then subsequently fill with water. These plastic sidewalk sign frames make signage simple.

Snap holders make it simple to change signage on this stand. Simply pop open the aluminum edging on these sidewalk sign frames that have snap frames and insert the desired advertising. These holders also have a clear protective lens to help prevent damage from rain and dust. These sidewalk sign frames that are wind resistant are great from stores and restaurants and will stand up to winds better than folding a-frame poster holders. Put this display on the curb or patio outdoors in front of any business to improve advertising. These sidewalk sign frames are perfect for specials and sales because of how simple it is to change signage. Road-side signage is one of the most effective advertising methods available for any type of business. Use these sidewalk sign frames as a valuable marketing tool today.

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