M5WB Creme male shirt form tailor bust features polyurethane foam construction to offer enhanced durability.

Polyurethane male shirt form tailor bust has two 7/8″ flanges to display outfits and entices customers as well as encourages purchasing. Equipped with a center flange, it is great for displaying shirt or blouse. Designed with offset flange to display pants or slacks. This form has wood neck block and round base in natural finish. Allows effective dressmaking as garments can be pinned to the form more easily than papier mache. This tailor bust allows retailers to display the latest trends and attract their customers to purchase the merchandise.
  • Comes in creme color for a realistic look
  • Flexible polyurethane foam construction for enhanced durability
  • Two 7/8″ flanges for easy attachment
  • Adds sophisticated look to any retail environment
  • Natural finish for aesthetically pleasing appearance
  • Wood base for superior stability and longevity
  • Center and offset flanges to display outfits
  • Center flange to display shirt or blouse


Creme male shirt form tailor bust made of durable polyurethane foam, adds design flexibility to remodeling projects. This bust is a striking and effective method to personalize items for consumers. Offers much better environment to display articles of clothing or an accessory to customers. Generates more interest in the clothing as customers can see how the outfit looks on an actual human form.

Boost SalesPolyurethane male shirt form tailor bust uplifts the overall look of any dress or outfit. An outfit can boost a person’s ego, express individuality and project a style or an attitude. The presentation and display of the merchandise play an important role in attracting customers into the store.