Kartwheel Basket

This is the smallest model of our Kartwheels baskets, but is still able to carry 50% more than a traditional handbasket. Traditional hand baskets can get cumbersome for your business’ customers, possibly keeping them from buying that extra item, simply because of the weight they are carrying. You want your customers to have a pleasant shopping experience, make it easy for them with Kartwheels 30.

WEIGHT3.7 lbs
WIDTH13.5 inches
LENGTH24 inches
DEPTH12 inches
NESTING15 units (recommended)
NESTING HEIGHT39 inches (stacked 15 high)

* Able to carry 50-70% more than the traditional hand basket
* The baskets nest as any traditional handbasket therefore this does not increase the footprint at the customer’s point of entry
* Volume pricing available
* Stacking stands available
* Ideal for narrow aisles and small areas
* In store client retention
* Hands free
* Less space required in shopping aisles and express checkout
* Padprint or hotstamp your logo
* Custom colors available
* Two way handle system