Grid panel measuring 2′ x 4′

Offers a cost-effective solution to create dynamic retail displays.
This 2′ x 4′ gridwall panel has metal construction for enhanced durability and offers an attractive look. Perfect choice for all cost-effective display in retail shops. Secures almost any type of merchandise with its 3″ x 3″ square type grid pattern. This grid panel uses 1/4″ thick wires for withstanding heavy display hanging. Suitable to use with gridwall brackets, faceouts, hooks, baskets and wire shelves for maximizing storage option.
  • Comes in black, white, and chrome color for an attractive look
  • High quality metal construction for long-lasting use
  • 1/4″ Dia Steel wire holds item without bending/twisting
  • Double wire welded sides of grid enhances rigidity
  • Great to connect with other panels to maximize display option
  • Measures 2′ x 4′
  • Portable design for convenient carrying
  • Perfect to use in trade shows/temporary stores/fashion showrooms
  • Offers cost effective merchandising/display solution

Unlimited Display Possibilities

Gridwall panel optimizes storage space of retail shop by neatly organizing accessories for display. Use as a single unit or connect with other panels to maximize storage area. This panel easily mounts on to ceiling/wall or attached with brackets for offering freestanding display.

Durable Construction

2′ x 4′ Gridwall panel has heavy-duty metal construction for providing rigid support to suspended items. 1/4″ Dia steel wires easily form 3″ x 3″ square type grid. Double wire welding on the vertical sides of each grid prevents bending and buckling.