Base of 1” square tubing with 4 levellers. 4-straight arms in square tubing.

48″ – 72″ 4-Way square tubing rack with straight arms, has metal construction with chrome finish for added durability and is suitable for hanging garments.

48″ – 72″ Chrome 4-way square tubing rack has tab stops that prevent displays from falling off. Rack includes levelers for easy access and has arms that adjust from 48″ – 72″ at every 3″ intervals. Features 1″ square tubing frame and legs for added strength.

  • Comes in chrome finish for an attractive look
  • Metal construction for enhanced durability
  • Features 4-way configuration for a clean and professional look
  • Durable two 16″ straight arms with tab stops
  • Easily adjustable for every 3″ from 48″ – 72″ for flexible usage
  • Levelers provide easy access
  • Frame and legs have durable 1″ square tubing construction
  • Inner uprights and arms have 0.83″ square tubing construction
  • Perfect for displaying clothes

Durable and Attractive48″ – 72″ 4-Way square tubing rack with straight arms, feature metal construction for more durability. Heavy-duty straight-arm comes with chrome finish for a clean and professional look. Chrome clothing rack features 1″ square tube frame and arms for more strength.Perfect Size and DesignThe 4-Way rack has 16″ straight arms that are perfect for clothing on hangers. Heavy-duty straight-arm features inner arm uprights that have 0.83″ square tubing for strength. Arms allow adjustment for every 3″ from a height of 48″ – 72″.

Easy Access and Applications48″ – 72″ Chrome 4-way square tubing rack includes adjustable leveler glides that help to adjust automatically to uneven floor surface. Levelers provide stability and easy portability. The 4-way rack is great for boutique shops or large discount clothing stores. Arm features a tab stop that avoids the items from falling down. This rack stores and helps keeping your items organized.